Ozone Water Treatment Engineered Services

We educate consumers and businesses about ozone and provide them with reliable, cost-efficient ozone water treatment systems

Systems Performance Evaluation

Before recommending a new ozone water treatment system we prefer to diagnose your current application and figure out if there are any ways that we can modify your existing generator in a way that will allow it to produce more ozone, less ozone, or simply to produce it more reliably.

Predictive Maintenance

Ozone is a remarkable, potent, and environmentally friendly chemical that is also quite complicated. Outsourcing the management of your ozone to professionals is the best thing that you can do to ensure that your ozone is working for you as best it can and as cheaply as it can.

Parts and Components

Like any other piece of industrial equipment, the parts on your ozone machine will wear over time and require replacement. Replacing these parts is routine and included as a feature in our many preventive maintenance programs. Some of your ozone machine’s parts may require changing on a quarterly basis while other will last a whole year or even years.

Applications Engineering

We employ licensed professional engineers as well some of the most experienced hands-on technicians in the industry. Our engineers spend the majority of their time on site working with our clients. It is in this way that we can best understand their needs and ensure that their ozone is working for them.


Operation of ozone generator requires some degree of understanding of the science, technology, and theory behind an ozonator. For that reason, Fin-Tek offers comprehensive training programs on ozonator operation and maintenance.

Start-up Assistance

If you are adding an ozone system to your existing facility, your goal, and ours, is to preserve the existing harmony between each piece of equipment. In other words, incorporating an ozone system into your facility should not disrupt the behavior of any other piece of equipment; it should cooperate with all of your other equipment.

At Fin-Tek our mission is to reliably provide environmentally responsible water treatment solutions to our customers at a fair rate.

It is our desire that relationships that we create with our customers will not end after we render our services but continue on for many years in a manner that is both profitable to us and our clients.

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